Product Update: MaxDiff Analysis Now Available Within CheckMarket

We’re thrilled to announce CheckMarket’s new MaxDiff feature! From today, you’ll see the new MaxDiff question type and reporting functionality within CheckMarket.

With MaxDiff, you can now better understand consumer preferences across various use cases. Whether your objective is to prioritize product features or to get clarity on how different messages resonate with the market, MaxDiff is a precise and proven method for extracting exactly what’s important for your audience.

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4 tips to get everyone involved in your Net Promoter Score Program: Webinar

As we all know, just measuring Net Promoter ScoreSM is not enough. The true goal of an Net Promoter Score program is to raise customer satisfaction which requires getting everyone in your organization involved. Just because the upper echelons of management decide that NPS is important, doesn’t automatically make it so for everybody.

Today, we give you 4 concrete tips you can apply immediately.

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How to turn NPS detractors into promoters

Ever wondered why people are more likely to give a bad review instead of a positive one? Are we, human beings, really that bitter or is there another reason? Well, I’m glad I can say we can’t help it. But, to understand where it comes from, we have to go back in time, way back.
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Nouvelle barre de filtre de rapport !

Cette excellente nouvelle fonctionnalité de notre ReportBuilder fera le bonheur de nombreux utilisateurs et sera un gain de temps ! Notre nouvelle barre de filtre permet à toute personne qui consulte un rapport de filtrer rapidement et facilement en fonction de critères prédéfinis. En cliquant, les données sont ajustées en temps réel !
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Crise Corona – Continuité des activités de CheckMarket

Chers clients de CheckMarket,

Nous vivons vraiment à une époque unique. La pandémie du virus corona affecte tout le monde, de nos familles, à nos entreprises, à nos premiers intervenants qui sont courageux en première ligne. Comme la situation continue d’affecter notre monde, nous aimerions vous informer sur la façon dont nous soutenons nos employés et nos clients.

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Why we don’t need a European Net Promoter Score

Back in 2012, I wrote a popular article on the need for a European variant of Net Promoter Score which got a lot of traction, meaning it hit a nerve. It is the top search result on the topic and people ask me about it at conferences and on LinkedIn all the time. Now 9 years later, it is time to revisit the subject. We have conducted literally thousands of Net Promoter ScoreSM projects since then and have learned a lot…
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Nouveau : Analyse des facteurs cles

Nous introduisons l’analyse des facteurs clés dans nos rapports d’enquête. Une bonne intelligence sans logiciel statistique spécialisé. Une analyse des facteurs clés examine les relations entre les facteurs potentiels et le comportement, comme la probabilité d’une recommandation positive (NPS).
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