Tennant Company Uses CheckMarket to Inform Business-wide Decision-making

Tennant Company uses CheckMarket globally to track customer satisfaction, run internal surveys, and conduct market research – with reporting dashboards fed directly to leadership to enable informed, agile decision-making across all levels of the business. Download a PDF version of this case study to share with your team by clicking this link.

About Tennant Company

Founded in 1870, Tennant Company (TNC) is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of solutions that help create a cleaner, safer and healthier world. Tennant has manufacturing operations throughout the world and sells products directly in 15 countries and through distributors in more than 100 countries.


  • Tennant has 70+ users of CheckMarket globally (launched in Europe, North America, Mexico, China, Australia, and more)
  • CheckMarket is harnessed by market research, HR, learning & development, leadership, and employee communications teams
  • Real-time dashboards on key metrics and feedback are displayed throughout the business to motivate employees, and fed directly to leadership

The Tennant Company & CheckMarket Story

When Global Marketing Research Manager Lakshmi Sitaram joined Tennant Company, the company had an expensive incumbent survey tool that not many people used. 

Lakshmi wanted to find a more cost-effective and globally-capable solution that offered flexibility in its pricing and features, for Tennant was looking to run both customer satisfaction and market research programs. 

Tennant’s European team brought in CheckMarket for a pilot to run an NPS program, and Lakshmi saw it as a good fit for Tennant’s market research needs, too.

“We saw CheckMarket as a robust platform for measuring customer satisfaction and conducting market research,” Lakshmi explains, “and liked that it offered the opportunity for our use of the tool to scale over time as our survey needs grew.”

Tennant CheckMarket

Figure 1: Tennant first harnessed CheckMarket for its NPS capabilities, before rolling it out for additional use cases across the business

Tennant’s survey needs soon grew beyond NPS and market research use cases, and CheckMarket was rolled out to empower insight and feedback capabilities across all areas and levels of the business.

“We had 20 users or so when we first started with CheckMarket,” Lakshmi explains, “but every year we’ve been adding more users and now have over 70. CheckMarket’s support has been brilliant over the years, and has really helped us grow our programs quickly and easily. The HR team runs their own HR-related surveys, the learning and development team train sales reps and others and have their own feedback surveys, and leadership run surveys asking for instant feedback from employees.”  

Nowadays, beyond all CheckMarket’s survey capabilities, Tennant also harnesses CheckMarket’s real-time dashboards to both inform leadership, and also share instant customer feedback (both positive and negative) to motivate employees.  

“CheckMarket is now our survey and insights platform for the entire organization,” Lakshmi says: “everyone at Tennant knows CheckMarket and identifies with the solution and the name.”

Figure 2: CheckMarket’s real-time dashboards keep leadership informed on the latest insights across consumers, customers, and employees

Looking to the future, Tennant is planning to continue its global rollout of CheckMarket (next stop: Brazil) to further empower employees to collect and act on all the insights they need. 

“We’re looking to become more proactive and less reactive with our feedback programs,” Lakshmi says, “and we’re excited to continue harnessing CheckMarket as our survey platform and work with the excellent CheckMarket team to fulfill all our customer, consumer, and employee insight needs.”

Partner with CheckMarket Today

Since 2002, CheckMarket’s leading online survey software has helped thousands of businesses in over 150 countries unlock knowledge from consumers. Be it a one-off survey or a sophisticated research campaign, CheckMarket’s lightning-fast, user friendly survey software – built to support over 50 languages – provides the quickest and easiest way for businesses to gain the insights they need to grow, improve, and succeed.

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