In app surveys, finally learn who your users are

App builders often do not know a lot about their users. They have all kinds of behavioral data, such as how often the app is opened, how long the user spends, …

But they don’t have demographics (age, gender, …) and very little feedback about the user’s experiences or grievances. It is possible to conduct a survey in app, without sending their user away to the browser.

The app developer can easily ask the user if they have a minute to tell them who they are and so collect demographic data.

They can add a feedback button and allow users to leave suggestions for the app. Then setup a notification in CheckMarket and wait for the feedback to roll in.

The whole process is very easy for developers with little coding needed. Since the survey is coming from our servers, changes to the survey can be made via our survey tool without updating the app!

The developer can add parameters to the survey URL to add their own meta-data, such as user_id or some tracking code so that they can identify the user in their system and then merge the survey data with their own behavioral data to form a better model of their user base.

They can use our API or webhooks to get the data back into their system.

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