Survey email notifications are now more versatile

Survey email notifications enable you to take action more quickly. They started out as quick, internal call-outs to yourself, colleagues, management, … You are informed straight away when a respondent answers in a certain way so you can immediately follow up on their feedback. Your (perhaps not so satisfied) customer would be so impressed by the speed of your actions he would instantly turn into a promoter.

Many of you have used and are still using the survey email notifications for exactly that. Which is great!

Others wondered, though, if perhaps more could be done with this feature. What if the mail wasn’t sent internally, but externally? Immediately towards the respondent! You don’t want some boring, plain mail. You want something that stands out, that’s recognizable, yes, that matches the look and feel of your company.

All of that is now possible.

Changes to the survey email notifications

  • Full HTML: notifications are now HTML emails and use the new rich-text editor including the new media picker.
  • « From » name and « Reply-to » address: you can now set the « From » name and « Reply-to » address just as with email invitations. If a default « From » address is set at survey or account level, i.e. because you are using your own domain, that address is used.
  • Own domain: the notifications now respect the personal domain name set at the survey or account level.
  • Custom design: if an email notification exists in the custom design that was created for you, this design is used instead of the default one. (By default all new custom designs will have an email notification added to it)

This really opens up the possibilities. Notifications can now be used as a thank-you mail or to send an incentive to respondents.

Tip! It’s possible to upgrade your existing survey email notifications to the newest layout.

You can either create a new notification with the same conditions and then deactivate the old one.

Or you can click on Reset in the existing notification. Make sure to copy over the email contents (e.g. to a notepad or Word document) before doing so, though, as your existing email body will be overwritten.

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