AnalyticsTool reviews our « powerful survey software », praising its ease of use and automated alerts

We here at CheckMarket always like a good pat on the back … So thank you, AnalyticsTool! In their survey tool review they praised our « powerful survey software » for its « ease of use », « multilanguage functionality », « automated notifications » and « flexible pricing options » … And who are we to argue?

So how powerful is our survey software really?

Kudos, AnalyticsTool! The 1.200 words survey tool review hits the nail on the head, as far as we’re concerned. But don’t take our word for it … Read for yourself what they had to say about our powerful survey software:

About the registering process:

« Signing up for a free trial is very easy and only takes a minute. »About the survey editor: « It looks nice and simple. »


About our range of question types:

« CheckMarket has a lot of question types – each with its own example so you can see what the question type looks like.


About the overall look of our surveys:

« The default template looks very nice. »


About our pricing policy:

« One thing that should be appreciated about CheckMarket is their transparency. You can get price lists with all their services, unlike many other enterprise survey software tools that encourage them to find out how much they are charging. »


And, finally, about automated alerts:

« One of the nicest features that we found here is the possibility to set automated alerts. This enterprise feedback feature allows users to be notified if respondents answer a certain way. It can send an e-mail, text message, direct tweet, or call another API. […] The alert can even include another survey link for the person doing the follow-up. »


Hat tip, guys!


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