Introducing the CheckMarket Scripting Language (CSL)

What is it?

We are introducing a powerful scripting language to enhance your surveys and reports called the CheckMarket Scripting Language or CSL for short.

At its most basic level, it is easy to use. You can use it to place variables in your surveys and reports by selecting them from a drop-down.

At its most advanced, our scripting language gives you tremendous freedom to use complex logic to make calculations, show or hide certain blocks of texts or images and much more. So put on your computational thinking cap and let’s dig in…

Improved legibility

The new variables are more legible and don’t require question numbers making them easier to read and more resilient. For example, say you use the answer to question 1 which is an NPS question:

  • Old variable:   $$$Quest1$$$
  • New variable: {{respondent.questions.NPS}}

The new variable is using the data label instead of the question number. That means even if questions are added, deleted or moved, the variable does not need to change!

Complex logic

Our scripting language supports a lot more than just variables. Using special operators you can implement your own logic:

  • Block operators (if, else, each, …)
  • Variables (set, get, …)
  • Logical operators (and, or, equals, greater than, …)
  • Math operators (add, subtract, average, …)
  • Date operators (dateAdd, dateDiff, dateFormat, …)
  • Text operators (upperCase, lowerCase, …)
  • Visuals (icon, modal, tooltip, …)
  • Combinations of the above…

There are so many uses. For example:

  • Show a different text on the thank-you page, depending on the answers of a respondent.
  • Create you own custom scoring using math operators in prefilling.
  • In a report, add suggestions for improvement if a department scores lower than the company benchmark.
  • and much more!

Where can CSL be used?

CSL can be used in surveys, reports, emails, notifications and prefilling today. We will be adding CSL to branching, page display logic and answer choice display logic in the near future.

What about the old variables?

The two variable systems will co-exist. The old variables are now deprecated, but will continue to work for the foreseeable future. We recommend that you start using the new variables today for all future surveys.

We can’t wait to see all the ways you will use CSL!

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