Event marketing: 7 tips for event evaluation

Your event is over and you thought it was a success. Great, but do your attendees agree? A targeted survey helps you with your event evaluation.

A survey allows you to get an instant view of the overall satisfaction and identify improvement points. Follow the tips below to make your next event stand out.

1. Quickly ask for feedback

Feedback is a dish best served hot. The ideal moment is the day after your event. Send a short email invitation asking ‘What did you think of yesterday?’

You can also strike the iron while it’s hot and question your attendees during the event. That’s possible with a classic paper questionnaire or with hostesses equipped with a tablet or even by projecting QR codes linking to the satisfaction survey.

2. A (small) incentive works miracles

To collect maximum response offer respondents a discount on the next event, access to digital versions of the presentations or a chance to win a nice prize.

3. Spread the word

Announce your evaluation on the event itself. Mention you will be asking their feedback during the vent itself or you will send the guests an evaluation request the next day. Use your incentive during the announcement to encourage guests to participate.

4. Keep it simple and short

Ask your attendees to rate various aspects like location, price, time, speakers,… and the event overall. Probe the underlying reasons with a follow-up question when your respondents give a low score on the various aspects.

You can even set up automated alerts during the event when guests state they are not satisfied with your event. Our survey tool will push an email alert, an SMS text message or a Twitter direct message to your event staff. Then your staff can act accordingly to solve the issue.

5. Don’t ask information you already know

You know your guests. You know their name, background, language, etc. It’s unprofessional and annoying to repeat these questions in your evaluation. Furthermore, it’s obsolete. When analyzing your results you can get this information directly from your contact metadata.

6. Let your attendees do the talking

Always end with a (not-required) open ended question where your guests can ventilate their experience or even their tips to improve your event. Constructively use this feedback for your next event.

7. Create multiple surveys

Make a separate short survey for no shows. Why did they not attend? Your survey results will give you the answer. Did you have exhibitors at the event, measure their satisfaction as well. What was their experience of the event, the attendees and the return on investment?

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