Introducing ‘Sliders’ – our new survey question type

This summer marks the birth of a new survey question type: sliders! Sliders are an engaging and interactive type of survey question. How it works? The respondent clicks a button and drags or slides it along a horizontal line indicating their positive or negative feeling towards a certain statement or question.

Sliders: touch and slide

Sliders also make an ideal question type for mobile surveys. Since our sliders don’t use Flash, they’ll work on any mobile device with touch. And of course, they’re fully responsive.

Choose the minimum and maximum scale points, go as low as -1000 or crank it up all the way to +1000 for precise granular rating. As slider scales use numbers instead of text, they can easily be used across multiple languages without misinterpretation or mistranslation – something you should always be wary of when using a Likert scale that goes from « absolutely disagree » over « somewhat agree » to « absolutely agree ».

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