Remote Work Pulse

Track happiness, satisfaction and resource needs from your employees working remotely.

Get started

Complete package

Our Work@home pulse survey package includes not only best practice questions, but also notifications and reporting designed by our research specialists.

Up and running quickly

Review the questions in the template. You can add your own questions and remove questions you don’t need. Then simply upload a list of employees and click ‘Launch’.

You can repeat the pulse each week with a very short version with the first question embedded in the email invitation.

Pre-built Notifications

One section of the survey covers resources employees need to work remotely. You can receive automatic notifications if an employee indicates they need something.

Pre-built multi-tier reporting

This package also includes an insightful report built by our researchers in the ReportBuilder. The top-down approach gives you a bird’s-eye view so that you can quickly respond to specific needs or problems within departments.

Take action in real-time to improve well-being and drive employee engagement.

« Keep your finger on the pulse! »

Excellent real-time dashboard and notification possibilities. We were up and running quickly!

Lars Hegemann, Flemish Government - HR Expertise Center LinkedIn post

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