[Infographic] Welcome to the Age of Agile Market Research

The times, they are a-changin’. Thing is, they are changing more quickly than ever before—rapidly rendering consumer research obsolete. So how can you not only keep up, but stay one step ahead of the game? By adopting agile market research methodologies.

Our infographic below introduces agile market research and outlines exactly what’s at stake. Simply tap to enlarge.

agile market research infographic

Key takeaways

  • Wide-ranging, expensive and slow-moving “kitchen-sink” market research practices simply won’t do in today’s world. 
  • Organizations need to regularly take the pulse of their consumers. Rapid pandemic-related disruption made this clear for all to see. 
  • Agile market research provides rapid, reliable results—helping companies keep up with new trends and changing consumer habits. This supports agile practices throughout the organization.
  • Organizations must implement flexible enterprise survey software, make sure their surveys are omnichannel, concise, and entertaining, democratize their data, and keep on going at all times.

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