Download open answers fast and easy

You’ve done all the preliminary work. You’ve thought long and hard about all the questions you needed to ask as well as what you want to do with the results afterwards.

Your survey turned out to be a big success. Everyone even took the opportunity to provide additional comments everywhere you asked for them.


Now you’re ready to get to the real stuff and dive deep into your respondents’ free text comments.

And where better to start than with the newest ‘download open answers’ option available?

« All open responses »

We know you’ve waited long for this one, but here it is: one single file containing only your respondents’ open answers, ordered per language and per question for easy analysis.

This will definitely be a time-saver for so many of you.

Whenever there are enough open text responses a word cloud is shown above the question, which shows words that were used very often bigger than the others. At a glance you’ll already have a good idea of what the general trend was for this particular question.

The table of contents at the beginning of the file allows you to quickly scroll to a particular question and review all open answers given to that question.

And, of course, the Word file format allows you to quickly copy and paste some interesting open answers into your own reports.

Remember, next to this new download type you can also still download the raw data in Excel or SPSS. This file contains both all of your open answers and the selected options for your other questions in one file.

For more information on the different ways to download your respondents’ open answers, please check the following Knowledge Base article: Download your respondents’ open answers.

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